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2011-2013 in Shenzhen. China
My Role: Art Director / UX UI Designer
Design Team: ZLAB
Tech Team: SYSU

Anyadd Dynamic Addressbook is a new contacts app helping thousands of people manage their contact information cleaner, safer and smarter! Its intuitive user interface makes it the fastest, user friendly and fully-featured app for everyone who needs to get most out of their contacts.

We were backed by venture capitalists in 2012, and updated it to Anyadd 2.0.

What is Anyadd2.0? What is MO7 OS?

Anyadd 2.0 first data visualization addressbook in 2013. It visualizes personal relationships through various mapping, for better network management upon observation. Based on Anyadd 2.0, we designed a mobile operation system MO7 OS in 2014.
MO7 OS is a new Andriod Mobile Operation System installed on MANTA  7X which is the first smart phone without any physical buttons in 2015 and HUATUNE G55.


Smartphone  is one of the most useful product helping us to communicat with each other easier and better. More than 380 million people in China have accessed to smartphone market in 2012. There are more than 57% of our daily communications are rely on phone call everyday, more than 29% in total smartphone users are using 2-3 different phones. They are looking for a new product to manage their social relationship better. 

"We just felt that the address book has not adapted to smartphones and the new mobile era..."

Field Study research

Survey. A survey of 100 high frequcent smartphone users from southern China through persona analyze by the in-depth interview and a five-person focus group. They are college students, businessmens, teachers, layers, engineers, and doctors. Each in-depth interview is about 20 minutes. We ask people to describe their experiences of using native contact app or IMs in their daily lives. Following, we designed several scenarios by showing them different third-party contact apps  and coming up with questions. We ask them about their choices, demands, behaviours, and psychological movements. For the focus group, the researchers displayed some typical problems and demands gathered from the in-depth interviews, and came up with some design proposals.

Questionnaire. Methods to conduct the survey by sending out a questionnaire to 100 people of different ages and occupations came from Guangzhou China. We greatly enriched data by questionnaires.

Pain Points
1.There are too many duplicate contacts in the addressbook.
2.I have to jot down a friend's address and phone number in moleskin address books, erasing or crossing out old information whenever he or she moved.
3.I can’t remember his/ her name or number to start a conversation.
4.Jump among different IMs when I want to contact a friend.

User requirements statistic map

Based on user research, we analyzed all the needs of types of users and narrowed down user needs into nine typical functions, proflie update, phone call, send message, share contact, check social update, send SMS, group chat, add new friend, and check voice mail. 

By thinking about the needs, we are better able to infer what a real person might need. Such inference assisted with our latter brainstorming, case specification and features definition.

What will you do when you want to start a new conversation in China?

User need of Anyadd Dynamic Addressbook and user experience

We classified user needs and related them into four main pages history, group, contact and number keyboard.

Main Feature of Anyadd 1.0
1. Sync information with social profiles
2. Merge duplicate contacts
3. Smart Name Card
4. Smart Group

UX Design Process

Site map

Anyadd 1.0 has 4 main pages. The main set is the Group page(Smart Group feature) and History page for quick searching the contact users want. The other two is Contact page(A-Z) and Number Keyboard for those users who know the basic information of the people they want to contact.


Ying He
Cmputational Designer/ Data Visualizer
Based in New York


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