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Hi! I’m Ying He, a computational designer based in New York.

My research interests include visual representation, creative design and cultural hacking such as artistic data visualization, mapping, and interactive experience. I am fascinated in synthesizing graphic design and technology as a telescope into unseen reality. 

I received my master's degree from ITP, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU where I focused on human-computer interaction and machine learning.

Before joining ITP, I collaborated with scientists and researchers from MIT and Sun Yat-sen University on diverse scientific and social data visualization projects.

Three things I focus on:
-Simple = Friendly = Powerful
-See the unseen
-Create "eye meat" instead of "eye candy"

Outside links
ITP Alum
Thesis - UpDate(Robot & Human)


Ying He
Cmputational Designer/ Data Visualizer
Based in New York


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