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2011-2013 in Shenzhen. China
My Role: Art Director / UX UI Designer
Design Team: ZLAB
Tech Team: SYSU

Anyadd Dynamic Addressbook is a new contacts app helping thousands of people manage their contact information cleaner, safer and smarter! Its intuitive user interface makes it the fastest, user friendly and fully-featured app for everyone who needs to get most out of their contacts.

We were backed by venture capitalists in 2012, and updated it to Anyadd 2.0.

What is Anyadd2.0? What is MO7 OS?

Anyadd 2.0 first data visualization addressbook in 2013. It visualizes personal relationships through various mapping, for better network management upon observation. Based on Anyadd 2.0, we designed a mobile operation system MO7 OS in 2014.
MO7 OS is a new Andriod Mobile Operation System installed on MANTA  7X which is the first smart phone without any physical buttons in 2015 and HUATUNE G55.


Ying He
Cmputational Designer/ Data Visualizer
Based in New York


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