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Technology Support
CMYsign / Zlab

My Role: UX Designer

Chengdu, China


The first interactive way-finding system
in Chengdu, China


In spring 2013, Chengdu Jinjiang District Urban and Rural Development Group built the wetland park beyond the third ring of Chengdu, and originally intended to design and build a set of guidance system.

We have a doubt about the quickly built national wetland park: we can see the ponds and sloping fields, but whether we can see those vivacious flying birds and grasshoppers. Whether we can obtain the absolutely quiet spatial experience with frog croaks?

This project involves Sketch, Branding, Moke up, Multi Media Material, Instillation Modeling and technology testing,  completed in 30 days. I’ll take you through the design process we used to create the way-finding system below.

Design Process



We develop a set of interactive travel guide device: it can not only tell people where they are, but also make sounds of different animals when tourists are approaching: frog croak, cricket sound, and quack;

In terms of structural design, our device structure enables children to squat down and talk about pictures, and read carefully while riding on fathers’ shoulders; open, turn over and unfold to discover little secrets; and look at small animas through the sight glass and magnifying glass.

Interactive Travel Guide Device

Interactive Instillation - Outdoor

Interactive Instillation - Indoor Gallery


Ying He
Cmputational Designer/ Data Visualizer
Based in New York


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