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Technology Support
Zlab / Huatune

My Role: Art Director
/UX Designer

Shenzhen / Shanghai, China


New Andriod Mobile Operation System
installed on MANTA  7X and HUATUNE G55


Five years ago...

On the verge of Apple's iOS4 release, I was asked with designing an iphone app that empowered address book marketers to manage their contacts easier and faster while on the go. We targeted the address book since it's really our original -- and most important -- social network. I’ll take you through the design process we used to create the dynamic address book below.


"We just felt that the address book has not adapted to smartphones and the new mobile era..."

We used to jot down a friend's address and phone number in moleskin address books, erasing or crossing out old information whenever he or she moved. The digital age made tracking our friends easier, but we still spend a lot of time manually updating our address books or we let Facebook become the guardian of our social network.

Why are address books so dumb when so many people carry smartphones? I want to–ahem–address that problem with a slick new iPhone app that keeps you connected to your friends because they are the ones who update their contact information when it changes.

We want to talk to our friends, see their beautiful faces︎︎︎, not a bunch of cold numbers.

Then we redesigned ios cantact,
launched Anyadd 1.0 in 2012.



With Anyadd, we refresh the design of ios' contact, aims to help you keep their names and faces in mind.

Also, It's time to go beyond just 'managing' your contacts and start treating your contacts better.

We noticed that contact book is the most common personal social network database - database on phone includes Personally Identifiable Information (such as first and last name, email address, phone number, mailing address), also various parameters ( call length, time, frequency, location and etc) , and that could be a key to organize our social live. 

We redesign this application, which visualize personal relationships through various mapping, for better network management upon observation.



Ying He
Cmputational Designer/ Data Visualizer
Based in New York


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