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Problem of current product

Previously, Pershing has too many monitoring tools and most of these website's information is very miscellaneous and the goals are diverse, and the UI style is way out of user's expectation.

Un-happy path: Hard to tell where is the problem of the system.
Lack of bridge context: Hard to know who can fix the issue.
Hard to navigate: Hard to find/edit/create a ticket or required object.

Who are the users

- Operation Team who fix issues.
- Concession Managers who manage the applications or services.


1. Refine information architecture to make monitoring system simple and customized for 2 different types of users.
2. Design experience details to complete a well considered user experience.
3. Standardization of UI to ensure a consistent branding.


Ying He
Cmputational Designer/ Data Visualizer
Based in New York


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