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Lessons learned

Creating a time travel machine is a brand new experience, which is very challenging. Because we do not have any existing product could learn from. Travel is a process of how people connect with each other, and time travel will be one of the branches in the future. How to design a future product based on the current human behavior pattern? I think to focus on every detail of the start over is very important:

1. How people search for a moment that they want to go in the past or future?
2. How people illustrate their intent?
3. How do people learn to use a new product? Do they want to do it alone or with people?
4. How to provide multiple ways for people to learn?
5. How to give guidance to people?
6. Is this product an inclusive product or an exclusive product?
7. Who can't use this product? Why?

In my case study, I focus on the start over. Unlike normal travel, what if people can't tell exactly where and when to go for time travel, the only thing that they could tell is the feeling, how is this person going to start the time travel? Is there any possibility could give this person a hint of the feeling?

Can we align the new experience with the existing resources we have? How to connect current people experience and resources with the future?

I think this is the take away that I learn during the process.

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Ying He
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