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︎Taichi Quan

Technology Support Zlab

My Role: UX Designer
/ Data Source

Beijing, China

Tai-chi Motion

Taichi Motion was
exhibited in Design Shanghai 2013


Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art practiced for its health benefits. The Chinese believe that slow body movement helps to gather invisible energy from the universe and harmonizes the body. We envision the invisible gathering through visualized data in water painting style. The rendered sequence of animation illustrates the movement of Tai Chi practice as ink dots, which are defined by the duration and positions of limbs' movement.

We show the delicate tracery of a Taichi player's limb moving, for seeing the a balancing body universe. 

This poject mainly consists of two parts:
- Collecting data
- Processing data

Collecting Data

Step1 - Video Source Export
Using Premiere to export  the movie into a photo sequence,
960x546 pixel, 25 frames per second, total 3005 frames.

Step2 - Data Source
 Based on Processing we created a BoxReader,
which we use to capture the X, Y location on the screen

Step3 - Merge Data Source

We got 4 sets of data: left hand, left foot, right hand, right foot.
Using Text to put them into the same data file.


Processing Data

Step1 - Inport Data
Using Processing we try to inport data by reading the text file

Step2 - Data correction
Debugging by comparing the data with the original film

Step3 - Effect 1
We try to use line to describe the location of the limbs,
with the line diagram, we can see the direction and the speed of movement clearly.

Step3 - Effect 2
We try to simulate the energy change of the human limbs with this heat map

Step3 - Effect 3
Most of Chinese think that there most be a delicate relationship between tai chi and Chinese painting,
therefore, we try to use digital motion tracking to see
what kind of Chinese painting could be produced by Tai-chi performer.


More Details


Poster - 30" x 20" x 5
Exhibited in Shenzhen, China


Poster - 20" x 30" x 2 /  20" x 30" x 3
Exhibited in Design Shanghai 2013 , Shanghai , China


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