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Time Travel Itinerary Maker

Let’s create a time travel itinerary together, back to the moment we met.

Project Background


Let’s say Elon Musk create a time travel machine that you can use on your phone. What would it look like?

Travel is a process of how people connect with each other, and time travel will be one of the branches in the future.

Time Travel is a brand new experience for human, how to start over is very important. Unlike normal travel, how people define where and when they want to travel is different. Some people could point out a specific place or date while some people can't. Learning how to choose where and when to go together help people adapt to define their own time travel in the future. A tool is required to help visitor organize their interests, and negotiate with others. 

To ease conflicts of interest of best moment, I propose an app — Time Travel Itinerary Maker, with creating collaborative cooperation. Meantime, this app should be simple and fun, easy to use by either junior or senior citizen.

Wireframe: Paper and Pencils
Prototype: Sketch (UI)
Timeline: Research (0.5 hours), Design (3 hours), Documentation(1 hour) 


1.Explore different travel related website and mobile app.
2.Read the blogs about how to make an itinerary before time travel.
3.Watch Youtube videos related to the experience.
4.Interview my friend and relate customer to empathize with real users.
5.Speak with people who created travel products or services to understand the pain points.

Time travel machine reminds me a movie that I love: Your Name . It is a wistfully lovely Japanese tale about fate and time. Taki went back in the past to rebuild the connection with the girl he likes.

For You- Memories is a sweet feature of Apple Photos. It generates time stories for you based on location and time. I feel like I am time traveling when I look at these videos with my family and friends, it reminds me how many sweet moments that we once had.

User Interview

I quickly interviewed people who are most likely to be the target user and who I have access to in a short time. These are some user quotes from research.

Research about the problem specifics

After interview, I noticed that time travel can be a fun, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare if we have to answer a list of questions.

Most of the travel related product we use today ask you a lot of questions,  that means you have to know all the answers to fill these forms. This can lead to a very frustrated experience. Unlike normal travel, what if people can't tell exactly where and when to go for time travel, the only thing that they could tell is the feeling, how is this person going to start the time travel? Is there any possibility could give this person a hint of the feeling?

In order to enhance this experience, I think we need to consider:

- How to define where and when to go? By location, or date?
- How to make a perfect schedule for people who travel with you?
- How to avoid missing any important moment? 
- Can we share memories together?

Memorization Tips / Storyboard

To design a new Time Travel Itinerary Maker, I need to learn the process of how people make their travel plan. How people search for a moment that they want to go in the past or future? How people illustrate their intent? How do people learn to make a  time travel plan? Do they want to do it alone or with people?

Identified the design topics

User Journey

In order to help People define when and where to go and keep tracking their plan easier, here I will focus on how to enhance the experience of Before Travel and the Travel Process. I mainly try to solve two problems including:
  • Optimize the group define itinerary flow
  • Provide dynamic data during the travel


Collaborative Itinerary Builder: Create a fully customized time travel itinerary with family member or friends!

A. Synthesis Schedule.
How to make a perfect plan base on the different schedule and reference? People have different schedule, I want to match different schedules together to make an itinerary which organically fit for different demands.

B. Shareable planning platform. Let’s think about animal, some people like rabbit while some like tiger. In order to make the best itinerary that everyone happy with, you can invite people to choose which moments they want to visit on the platform.

  • Google Map(Multi route recommend)
  • Apple Photos
  • TripAdviser
  • Mac Time Mahine


UX Design Process


High Fidelity Prototype


Ying He
Cmputational Designer/ Data Visualizer
Based in New York


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